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Stirom ltd. is a privately owned Company, founded in 1994, our activity is to provide quality services for fire fighting as prevention apparatus, fire suppression, detection systems and emergency life support systems, on board of vessels and of shore.
S.C. STIROM S.R.L., Constanta was incorporated in 1994, with the registered office in Constanta, the main field of activity was the performance of maintenance-repair services, dye works and completion of functional and safety components, control, verification of durability, deformation and tightness, as well as filling/refuelling of portable and/or mobile fire extinguishers with chemical or mechanical foam, powder or fire-retarding gas (CO2 or similar others).
In 1998, S.C. STIROM S.R.L., Constanta moved its registered office to 4, Crisului Street Constanta and built a production plant and developed its logistics headquarters, the computer network, the office supply system and its car park.

In 2001, S.C. STIROM S.R.L., Constanta purchased performance equipment destined for inspection, verification and hydraulic or tightness testing, as well as re-certification of under pressure gas tanks: CO2, O2, N2, air etc., including the compressed air tanks for individual breathing devices in toxic or underwater environments. S.C. STIROM S.R.L., Constanta applied for permits for the execution of works aboard merchant ships classified in compliance with the requirements of the Regulations stated by various classification organisations. Thus, authorisation was obtained from GL (Germanischer Lloyd), LRS, DNV, N.K.K, BV, ABS,Rina, Russian Register, RINA, Romanian Register.


In order to perform the services offered under the best quality and safety conditions, STIROM SRL, Constanta has personnel with vast experience in the field of maintenance, verification and certification works on fire prevention and extinction equipment attested by the national institutions, namely the Military Fire-fighters of Romania, State Inspectorate for Boilers, tanks Under-Pressure and Lifting Installations (ISCIR).

The basic activity for the maintenance, verification, filling or refuelling of contents, testing and certification of fire extinguishers and gas tanks under pressure is performed on Str.Crisului nr.4, Constanta, as well as on the sites laid out on board of ships or at the locations where verification, maintenance, repair, testing and certification works are performed on installations and complex equipment. We are pleased to inform you that Stirom S.R.L. in close collaboration with the Classification Societies have the man skills and the materials to perform the CO2 permanent extinguishing system modifications, from single to double release, in accordance with SOLAS requirements Chpt.II-2 MSC-84/24.
The management team, along with our 15 specialists, using the latest technology, internationally certified materials and substances, we are proud to develop our activity in accordance with the ISO Quality Management System : SR EN ISO 9001:2008 ( ISO 9001 : 2008);Occupational Health and Safety System SR OHSAS 18001 : 2008(BS OHSAS 18001:2007); Environmental Management System SR EN ISO 14001:2005 ( ISO SR EN 14001 : 2004)

We proudly would like to mention some of our clients: Uniservice Germany ; Uniservice Norway, OMV PETROM, STX Braila , ZIM Shipping OMI Marine Services LLC Stanford CT.-U.S.A. , Centrofin Management Inc. Athens-Greece, Chrysanthou Maritime Services Limassol-Cyprus, Marickem Marigases Piraeus-Greece,Zodiac Maritime Agencies London-United Kingdom, Daewoo Heavy Industries Mangalia-Romania, Mediterranea di Navigatione, Reina Shipping, Uniservice Safety, Black Sea Shipping and so on.

The appreciation of our Company, by the above mentioned Organizations and Companies, is a result of the dedicated efforts of our team to transpose in life the Standards, Regulations, Recommendations of the varies Institutions witch rule our activity, as well as a result of a very strict Code of Conduct witch regulates our personnel, for the maximum satisfaction of our clients.

Truly Yours,

Vildan Iordache


The domain we work in obligates us to consider safety our priority. And we offer it to you with all earnest.



We hold national and international institutions’ attestations regarding compliance with standards of fire prevention and extinguishing.



Our team’s experience and responsibility assure you that you obtain right solutions and products of high quality.



We provide inspection reports and certificates that attest the proper functioning of equipment installed or repaired by us.

Our Clients