Fire Extinguishers Services

Stirom SRL from Constanta, is certified by the Romanian authorities (ISCIR, IGSU and ANR) to perform fire extinguishers services and maintenance such as: fire extinguisher testing, fire extinguisher repairs and refilling fire extinguishers of all types and sizes as forming part of the buildings or whether are found onboard maritime ships.

Periodic fire extinguishers maintenance is performed in compliance with the manufacturer`s recommendations. Only personnel certified for this purpose carry out periodical fire extinguisher inspections.

Between the ranges provided for periodic checks, can be carried out random checks on extinguishers, having the opportunity to train the personnel on the job. These types of checks are intended for proper functioning, location, and status, thus avoiding further integrity failures of the equipment.

In the case of completing all the operations, depending on the fire extinguishers type, the components are checked, the extinguishing agent is replaced, if needed the body is painted in order to achieve corrosion protection on the one hand and aesthetic purposes, on the other hand. For easy recognition, the device is marked with a label. STIROM SRL Constanta, will releases a certificate of conformity, which certifies and provides the guarantee of the performed service.

Breathing Apparatus Services

Air cylinders for self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and emergency escape breathing devices (EEBD) are designed to provide breathable air for people present in an environment with deficient air quality in emergency situations.

These devices are composed of air cylinders, air regulators and pressure gauges, air delivery systems, an audible signal for low pressure, facial masks as well as backplates and harness. 

Such breathing apparatuses are generally filled with breathable air, oxidizing gasses and fluids in accordance to Directive 97/23/EC. STIROM ensures the air and hydrostatic testing of such equipment as well as filling them with which gas it’s necessary.

CO2 fire extinguishing systems - Inspection and Maintenance

Stirom LTD ensures the inspection and testing of the fixed CO2 fire extinguishing systems with high pressure systems (over 21 bar) or with low pressure systems (under 21 bar) which are found mainly on board of maritime vessels.

All procedures will be implemented by technicians trained and certified in this field in accordance with the inspection checklist and with all the updated requirements of that Flag of convenience, the ship is under.

STIROM LTD provides the verification of all the components of the CO2 fire installation. The tests will be made annually or at the intervals suggested by the manufacturer or flag of convenience.

Fire hydrants installation – Certification, Inspection and Maintenance

STIROM S.R.L. provides installation inspection services as well as the verification and testing of fire installations with exterior and interior hydrants and fire installation systems that use water as an extinguishing agent: fire hydrants, dry columns, sprinkler type fire extinguisher system, sprinklers, pre-action fire sprinkler system, fire alarm control panels (A.C.S.), fire drencher system, water spray system, water mist fire fighting system as well as with special substances, foam or powder.

Complex assemblies consisting of manual trigger alarm (signaling buttons) and automatic detection devices, connected to a control and signaling equipment (signaling unit) that allows monitoring and signaling devices and which can operate automatically, before extinguishing system, starting of fire pump, stopping of ventilation installation, starting of mechanical exhaust smoke installation, passing through automatic closing device on electric power backup, fire doors auctioning, fire and rescue alerting etc. The provisions of this procedure shall apply to all staff of the SC STIROM Ltd who carries out installation and maintenance work and installation of signaling, alarm and warning systems in case of fire, such as hotels, gyms, and all kinds of industrial and civil construction.

Here at Stirom SRL there are special trained employees holding certificates of professional competence that cover all the units of specific competence. The work of installation and maintenance of the systems except those systems that contain certain fluorinated gases with greenhouse effect are carried out only by personnel who hold a certificate of professional competence.

When carrying out installation and maintenance works of firefighting limitation systems and installations, except those containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases, it shall comply with laws, regulations, technical regulations, standards and technical specifications of equipment utilized.

Hydraulic pressure tightness test

STIROM SRL ensures proof resistance to hydraulic pressure and tightness test with compressed air. Operation tests have as its main objective the control functions of the equipment. In the case of the fire extinguishing installations the stiffness of joints will be checked. Functional tests will have as its main objective the functional checking of command valves and if necessary the checking of alarm devices. Functional tests will also include the verification of local and remote (when designed) system triggering

Stirom SRL ensures the hydraulic testing of cylinders tanks; the maximum testing pressure is 300 (450) bar; with professional equipment small pressure testing can be possible for any part that can be coupled via an booth adaptor (valve bodies, pipes, hoses set connections, etc). The working agent used for increasing the pressure for hydraulic testing is softened water, without impurities. The equipment used in these services take into account current Tehical Presscriptions from ISCIR, but also national norms reffering to HSE and Fire Safety norms specifically of the workplace.

These tests are carried out according to the rules in force, national and international recommendations of classification societies for which the equipment belongs too.


STIROM S.R.L. is certified to supply maintenance services-repair, painting and supplementing with functional components and safety inspection, verification of strength, deformability and tightness, filling portable extinguishers and foam mobile mechanics, powder or gas (CO2 or similar).

The services offered by the company are: checking, proofing and hydraulic tightness, as well as samples of installations and complex systems of prevention and fire extinguishers, portable and fixed CO2 extinguishing system, bottles of breathable air, aboard merchant ships classified in accordance with the requirements of the following Classification Organizations: Det Norske Veritas-Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyd`s Register, Bureau Veritas, Rina, American Bureau of Shipping, the Romanian Naval Authority, NKK, RINA, Russian Maritime Register, for which we are authorized.

To carry out in good condition and quality of the services offered, STIROM S.R.L. Constanta has staff with extensive experience in the field of maintenance, verification and certification of equipment for prevention and fire-fighting equipment certified by the authorized national institutions, namely “Corpul Pompierilor Militari Romania”, ISCIR.

STIROM S.R.L society leadership it is determined to ensure all human resources, material and financial resources required in the operation of Quality Management System standards (I): SR EN ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2008); Occupational Health and Safety System OHSAS 18001:2008 (BS OHSAS 18001:2007); Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2005 (ISO EN 14001:2004).

As a result of the services carried out on the equipment will be provided an inspection report and a certificate attesting their good functioning. The statement of conformity, technical sheets and warranty will accompany the acquisition of equipment.