6 Ltr Mechanical Foam Fire Extinguisher

It is used to extinguish fire starters in classes A, B in open or closed spaces (gas stations, stores, warehouses, storerooms, thermal stations, ships, etc.). The container is made of steel board through homologated welding procedures, on automatic welding machines or aluminum alloy.

The faucet is made of brass, fitted with a handle, and is coming with a releaser and a manometer pressure gauge. The extinguishing agent: flouroproteinic foam solution that ensures maximum efficiency in fighting outbreaks of type A and B foam does not contain hazardous substances to human health and the environment. Propellant: nitrogen (N2). Ecological gas without pressure variations of temperature variations.

Pressure: 14 bar
Test pressure: 25 bar
Pressure Control: shown on the manometer
Admissible temperature: 0 ° C … + 55 ° C
Extinguisher must be checked at least once every 30 days, the manometer’s indicator in the green area confirms the functionality of the extinguisher.