Transportable foam extinguisher SM50 type

Transportable pressurized extinguisher loaded with 50 liters of foam, type SM50 is designed for extinguishing fire starters in the following cases: fires of solid materials – class A fire extinguisher and liquid or solid gas – Class B fire. SM50 portable extinguisher works vertically, as directed on the label adhesive from the body extinguisher.

Extinguisher being permanently pressurized, evacuation begins in the range of 1 second after the usage of the trigger. The exhaust shutter system allows interruption so that it can act on another started fire nearby, without loss of product-fighting and pressure. Extinguisher is in working order only if the seal is untouched and the gauge needle is intact and within the boundaries of permissible pressure (the green quadrant). If gauge needle is below the pressure, the valve disassembly is prohibited by the user. After use, the extinguishers are brought to recharge at the units authorized to execute these works.