Stirom close to the children. Social campaign 2017

April 13, 2017 News

Stirom close to the children. Social campaign 2017

Asociatia United Hands Romania graced this action for 120 children from 7 Foster homes throughout the Constanta County, bringing joy and making this Easter holiday very special at ‘Gheorghe Duca High School’. With the help of partners, sponsors, and a volunteer who was elected to play the Easter Bunny, lovely wrapped gifts were offered to each child. This unique event was organized on 8 April 2017, and thanks to the hundreds of generous sponsors from the Constanta Community, Asociaita United Hands Easter Project — “Box of Smiles – be the bunny for a wish!” was a great success! All 120 children received beautiful gifts, chocolate bunnies, a hot meal sponsored by IBIS HOTEL, and more! The event consisted of lively games, face painting, and fun activities, all to show these little ones that wishes do come true!

The event was attended by children living in the following foster homes: Centrul de plasament Delfinul, Centrul de plasament Antonio, Centrul de plasament Ovidiu, Centrul de plasament Micul Rotterdam, Centrul de plasament Traian, Centrul de Zi Agigea, and Centrul de Primire a Copilului in Regim de Urgenta.
All the gift boxes were customized specifically for each and every child from interested individuals in Constanta through the campaign on United Hands Association Facebook Page. Each person who sponsored a child/or more, expressed their intention and desire to be the “Easter Bunny” for one more kids. The list shared on Facebook gave specific information on each child, such as their age, what they were wishing for, etc. Each child will now be responding their thanks via a hand-made card for their sponsor. This is a special campaign whose goal was to unite those in the Constanta community so they too can feel a part of helping those in need.

Many thanks goes to Asociaita United Hands Volunteers, as well as to Black Sea Rotational Forces-17 who also volunteered in this event.
This is what Easter is all about…the Gift of Giving from one heart to another!

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